I haven’t been thinking about you ever since last year. But two days ago I saw her name. On a list of a document where I work. And I stopped in my tracks. It can’t be. Life will not be that cruel. World is not THAT small. She absolutely cannot find work at the only… Read More Speak.


The other day my mom asked me how I could be so cold. For a moment, I thought it was just a rhetorical question, and she was trying to be funny. But she was cold serious (pun intended). Her eyes reflected disappointment. And it was understandable. If there’s someone who has always had her heart,… Read More Untitled


It’s such an awful feeling. Knowing that you are feeling the worst but you cannot talk about your emotions out loud because it is so fucking confusing to even yourself how you are feeling. So what do you do? Pent it up? But for how long?