What’s worse: Job Interview or Rishta Interview?

I don’t know how many can relate to this. But here’s hoping some can.

As someone who had to go through both I can say neither is what I would want to look forward to.

Every time a rishta has come for me, my family has always hidden it for me. And I think that was and still is their only mistake. I don’t understand why they have to hide SUCH LIFE CHANGING IMPORTANT DECISIONS from people?


One of my aunt was diagnosed with blood cancer two days back. And they refuse to tell her this.

Another is suffering from complete liver failure but God forbid any one tells her this.

Why. Why. Why. What GOOD are you doing hiding this from people?

I only found out about this recent rishta because I heard them talk about it over the phone. IMAGINE HEARING YOU HAVE INCURABLE CANCER OVER THE PHONE.


But then again they told me my grandmother and my beloved cousin has passed away on WHATSAPP.


Burst my bubble!

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