Replug: The Alternate Universe where terrorists are only Muslims

replugging this because the recent terror attack in a masjid in New Zealand has once again revealed
media hypocrisy.

This is a work of fiction. Having said that, it is not intended as "humor".
There is nothing humorous about 149 people being killed. 
The only reason to publish the blog post is to reflect on the hypocrisy and 
duplicity of media outlets and the people in general.

The recent bewildering plane crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525 is extremely condemnable and sad. No sane person could commit suicide and kill 149 other people as well… Unless he happened to be a Muslim. Then he is definitely not insane.

The moment the news started resurfacing that it was the co-pilot who deliberately crashed the plane in the Alps, taking his life along with 149 other passengers, including the pilot and flight attendants with himself, there was a slight murmur of this startling act being related to terrorism. However it was all hushed up when the authorities revealed the identity of the co-pilot. The Co-pilot, much to the dismay of the news-hungry media, turned out to be a non-Muslim who did not have any relations to a Muslim, hell even his mailman wasn’t one. Safe to say there was no Muslim in his family if you retrace his lineage.

I can say that without doubt because if it had been, the newspaper reporting would have been extremely different and the authorities investigating the crash would not be mourning how an “anxious, burnout, depressed” person was allowed to co-pilot the tragic Flight 9525. As I was reading the reports that were coming in from the media giants, I wondered if Godforbid the co-pilot was a Muslim, how the authorities investigating it would react and how the media outlets would break the news.

Here are top 25 newspaper headlines that would have been published in an alternate universe if the Germanwings co-pilot was a Muslim.

  1. Struggle to Explain Motivation of Co-pilot in Germanwings Crash

No one had to struggle to find why a seemingly healthy NON-MUSLIM WHITE individual crashed a plane full of people if he was a Muslim.

The headline too would have read something like:

Co-Pilot in Germanwings Terrorist Attack was a Terrorist

See. Easy.

Because you know…only Muslims are lunatics who savagely murder innocent people… and the Co-Pilot wasn’t one so yeah I can see why everyone’s struggling to call him the T-word. And to honor his depressed memory, he won’t be labelled at all except “depressed” because you know that’s not a sin. Being a Muslim is.

Ali Lubitz Late for His Friday Prayers, Runs to the Nearest Mosque
Ali Lubitz, Late for His Friday Prayers, Runs to the Nearest Mosque
  1. Terrorists on the Germanwings Genocide

  2. Revealed: TWO doctors ruled Germanwings co-pilot was seen “kneeling on a prayer mat” on day of the disaster – but he kept it secret from airline

  3. Profile of a Terrorist

  4. Ali Lubitz Khan: The Germanwings terrorist planned to spread Muslim killer spawns

  5. Counting the cost of the Germanwings terrorist attack

  6. Being a Muslim Means Dangerous, Being a Depressed Muslim Means Dangerous Terrorist

  7. Terrorist co-pilot sought conversion with his RELIGION and was treated by Radical Islamists

  8. German Co-Pilot Visited Alps Near Crash Site as a Child to Meditate

  9. The Germanwings Co-pilot’s Forceful ‘Muslim Conversion’

  10. German Privacy Laws Let Pilot ‘Hide’ His Religion From Employers

  11. Here’s What We Know About the Germanwings Terrorist Ali Lubitz Khan

  12. Former TSA Head: ‘I was always against allowing Muslims to Fly on Airplanes’

  13. Lufthansa CEO ‘not surprised’ that a Muslim co-pilot behind Germanwings plane terrorism

  14. “When people start looking for whom to blame, the answer is simple: It’s a Muslim”

  15. No Questions about Why the Terrorist killed 149 people: He was a Muslim

  16. Laughing and smiling as he learned to kill: Horrific footage shows Germanwings terrorist in training with Jihadists

  17. Germanwings terrorism: ‘Ali Lubitz was a domestic abuser, forced pregnant girlfriend to marry him’, claims German report

  18. Push for tougher religion restrictions for airline pilots after Germanwings terrorist attack

  19. Another Muslim Terrorist Attack

  20. Probe Into Germanwings Co-Pilot Focuses on His Religious Fanaticism

  21. Germanwings Terrorist Attack Raises Questions For Pilots Being Muslim

  22. Australia imposes cockpit ‘rule of no Muslims inside’ after Germanwings terrorist attack

  23. Germanwings Crash Raises Questions About Shifting Ideas of Pilot Religion

  24. Germanwings Pilot Ali Lubitz Sought Training for Mass Murder Before Crash, Authorities Say

Only one headline seem to get it right: Don’t Blame it on Depression – There is no study on correlation of depressed individuals going on a killing spree, but there is one that suggests that they are not depressed, lunatic or maniac murderers if they are Muslims.


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