If I have to be really honest, I would consider myself to be a huge narcissist. I clearly love myself above all others. I am pretty selfish. I hardly care what other people say, I don’t pay attention to their say. I am obsessed with everything and everyone who can keep me happy. But why… Read More Narcissism


Sadness is an emotion which unfortunately all of us are familiar with. And if we were asked to to define this emotion, I am sure there are plenty of analogies that we will all come p with. But let’s suppose you had to explain this emotion to someone who had never experienced it. What would you… Read More Sadness


It’s such an awful feeling. Knowing that you are feeling the worst but you cannot talk about your emotions out loud because it is so fucking confusing to even yourself how you are feeling. So what do you do? Pent it up? But for how long?