The benefits of being unemployed

One would think I would have lost my sanity by now. But I guess someone somewhere is praying really hard that I ATLEAST keep my sanity with me even if I seem to have lost all sense.

See even that sentence doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, this isn’t a click bait, I honestly have a few benefits of being unemployed to be listed here as they come to me… so far this is what I have learned in my time stuck at home with internet at my disposal…

  • I know how to get rid of lizards

Finally all those google searches paid way for a proper solution to the menace that is lizards on my walls. GARLIC. Indeed. Garlic works. I put a sliced garlic on every window opening I could find and voila, haven’t noticed one in four days. YAY.

  • have accidentally blocked a number on your panasonic, i can unblock it

This post is not useless like my condition at the moment. i bring you two really amazing songs..



5 thoughts on “The benefits of being unemployed

  1. I’ve been unemployed now for 10 years, not that I’ve noticed that much difference, apart from missing the money. It’s surprising how you can always find things to do and fill your time, the internet is surely a wonderful for thing for that, but you can also challenge your creative side, get fit, volunteer and do all the things you wanted to do but never found the time for. It can also lead you on paths you never could have imagined, so make the most of it whilst you can. Lx

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