Huband/Father Name?

My mother raised us all by herself even though my father is alive and well. He never lived with us. That’s all you should know about him.

I had been wanting to write this article since last week but never got the chance to finish it. Until just now this appeared on my TL.

This young girl wants to change the law that requires one to enter their fathers name in their national identity card.

As I read her plea I finally came to realize there are people like me who have suffered the same.

Every single time we have gone to NADRA to get our NIC renewed or passport made they have asked for our fathers ID card number.

All these times I’ve been denying that we don’t have it. So they ask us to bring the divorce papers. But how do you bring divorce papers of a marriage which is still “healthy” on paper but dead in reality.

I’m ashamed that I never got the guts to bring this to the notice of the public.

The “what will zaalim samaaj say” got to me.

I’m truly ashamed that I never spoke out before for this cause.

Burst my bubble!

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