Is Quora another stop shop for pervy Indian men?

Every 3rd answer that I read is now not only anonymous but is also written by a 24,25,26 year old female unmarried/married working for an MNC/studying in a university(IIT/engineering) having sex or involved in fifty shades of sexual activity you only find in smut literature.


Is Quora now honestly a place for hookups and cheap super cheap erotic short stories?

I mean some of the answers don’t even make sense considering the question asked.

For example you ask for best recommendation for ointment to put on a bruise wound and somehow the quora answers would begin with

“going anonymous here because my pharmacist follows me here. I’m a 24 year old female from North India, studying in IIT. We are four brother and sisters living in Noida. One day my mother cut herself while making palak paneer(it’s a delicacy made with spinach and cottage cheese) for us. So she sent my brother and I to the nearest Pharmacy to grab an ointment…..”

BAM next thing you know you’re reading a 10 page long orgy involving her, the pharmacist and the rikshay wala.


And then there are people THOUSANDS i might add who are not only reading this filth but giving it VOTES?????

Arghhhh. I always knew Quora moderators definitely are Indian because it takes them AGES. AGES to remove an offensive question about Pakistan or Pakistanis yet they are quick to remove your entire profile should you even try to tell an Indian troll account to bugger off your answers comment section.

I can’t be the only one who noticed this pattern??

Burst my bubble!

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