Is it true that as you grow older your feelings and emotions become less and less?

Do you start to become immune or numb to the tragedy around you?

I lost three members of my immediate family in less than a year. My grandmother and my two young cousins (my father’s nieces).

While I felt a sense of helplessness at the first death last August I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything for the next two.

Yes it must be mentioned that all three of these relatives lived away. One I had never met in my entire life. Two I met just a couple of years ago, one of whom I was meeting after 10 years and the other close to 20.

Still I won’t say I didn’t mourn their loss. I did. As society deemed necessary, perhaps? Not really

They didn’t expect me to mourn relatives I hardly knew.

So perhaps yes I did mourn according to how the damned society wanted me to after all.

Anyway I’m going off topic.

Is it possible that people shed away their emotions or tuck them away as they grow older or am I just becoming more and more callous each day?

Burst my bubble!

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