Congratulations Pakistan

Give yourself a pat on the back, Pakistan. You did it. 5 years and we are mere hours away from electing a democratic government. Well done!

Whoever you vote for tomorrow (AND YOU MUST VOTE) do it because you feel right about your chosen candidate.

You had FIVE years to mull over who is worthy of your vote. It’s your right. Don’t treat it lightly.

You call a family meeting when you’re deciding to change what brand of milk will be used in the house and this is a decision that going to affect 17 Crore people. Yes. Feel the pressure?? You should. It is your responsibility.

Time to own up and actually do something instead of whining for 5 more years.

Go out and make your country proud. You are not doing it for the selfies or show off or being coerced by family, you do know no one is going to find out who you voted for. So have no fear.

Decide on your future. And pray.

Your vote DOES count.

Elections Pakistan


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Pakistan

  1. Well, congratulations!

    As I type this, I read that Imran Khan’s PTI is in the lead. I also hear that this is the second-ever civilian transfer of power in Pakistan. Must be exciting for you all!

    This is exciting for me as well. I hope the future holds good times.


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