Deeply shameful Naya Pakistan

Today I am truly shameful for calling myself a Pakistani.

17 years ago, a friend confided in me that she was an Ahmedi.

“Please don’t tell anyone, my mother forbade me to tell this to anyone”

At 13 she trusted me with her secret. At 13, I didn’t know why she felt she needed to hide this from me. In my house, I grew up listening to the tales of the compassion of the Prophet (pbuh) and his care for humans, yes humans, not Muslims, HUMANS.

And today we as a nation have failed him.

Imagine being that young and told that you are not allowed to reveal who you are. That you will never have any friends. That your family will get killed if you do. That you cannot trust any one….

A CHILD growing up in fear. How is this sane? How is this acceptable?

17 year and nothing has changed.

I wonder if she is telling her children to grow up in fear too…..

I don’t know where that friend is now. But I pray where ever she is, she is safe and happy and she does not have to raise her child in the same fear she was raised in.


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