Stop coming back.

why should I let you in

when I know you only come here to say goodbye

Dont you know how much it hurts

to see your face and then to see you turn away

I cant ask you to stay

have i ever before

but seeing you leave

knowing you wont be here tomorrow

dont come back

how can i even ask this from you

when i need you all the time

but the pain of your goodbyes pierces me through

dont come back

not like this at least

stay. but dont come back.

stay. but dont come back

stay. but dont come back.


8 thoughts on “Stop coming back.

  1. once again, we’ve all been through this the pain of someone leaving. We all understand the feeling of wanting someone who isn’t right for us to stay with us, but we know deep in our hearts that it better they went.

    You say it so well.

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      1. Oh yes, so true. It’s hard to shake the fear that they are the only one who will make your life worth living. But this isn’t true. There is someone else who will really love you for who you are and not for what they want from you. After many years of unhappiness someone special walked into my life and turned it around. Someone who makes every day extra special by just being there.


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