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I think I’d rather fly than become invisible.

What about you?

Whether They Like It Or Not

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I don’t think you should sing as if no one is listening.

I think you should sing because you need to sing.

Tonight I found myself singing because no one was listening.

And it occurred to me that I only sing when I think no one is listening.

So I don’t sing.

And that’s just wrong.

I want to sing.

Regardless of who is listening.

And whether they like it or not.

If it’s something I have to do,

Then I’m going to do it.

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I Am Agha

I watched this brief documentary two days ago. This boy, Agha. A child of the streets, wanders around the ancient city of Lahore. Even though, I have seen so many nameless children in the streets of Pakistan having the misfortune of being born to a existence of above average hardship, I Am Agha introduces me to a name to countless faces. These kids are living heartbreaks of Pakistan.  The sky is his roof and the streets his mother. Poverty has never been so tangible before. Agha is an invisible human, asking or  hunting for paper in exchange for some naan.


Agha’s words hurt. He dreams for the chance to trade his trash bag for a school bag. He expresses his anger. The anger of mere chance of being born to a dirt poor existence. “What is there to like about this life?”, Agha asks. He says this life, not 

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Need to buy mom a new phone, since her old is almost on its way to the grave…


S4 is slightly more expensive.

The ONLY 2 differences are:

S4 is dual core while Galaxy Grand 2 is Quad Core

S4 is smaller in size while Galaxy Grand 2 is larger.


For the first time in 9 years

I did not wish my best friend happy birthday…deliberately.

We change, all of us.

But then how much should you adjust just to have certain people in your life? A time comes when you feel repulsed by the lack of spine in you.. and it’s really not a war of egos that you give into.. it’s .. why even bother?

They don’t. And you should learn to as well.

Growing up?


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