Living with a lie

We all lie. Let’s admit it.

But continuously living with one is something not all of us do. It’s a terrible thing to carry with you. And with time it becomes more of something that you are hiding rather than lying about.

I have been hiding/lying about a secret my entire life. That’s close to 30 years.

Yep. Now you know how that secret/lie has snowballed over the years and it’s become terrible to carry with me. But it’s not just my secret. Which is why I don’t feel right ‘exposing’ it to the general public. Yes I will feel liberated but what about those who have been carrying the same lie/secret with them their entire lives?

Should I act selfish and rid myself of this cancer, cancer yes because with age it’s becoming more and more difficult to part with….




One thought on “Living with a lie

  1. You could possibly start by telling it to someone who is sworn to secrecy due to their job, i.e. a therapist or something? That might lift some of the burden off of you. Either that or talk to the person with whom you share this secret, and ask of them to liberate you from keeping that secret, depending on what the nature of the secret might be?

    Good luck in any case, some secrets are hard to keep and there will come a time when you need to weigh your wellbeing against the other person’s and evaluate who is benefiting the most and at what cost.

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