Where are all the eligible parhay likhay boys in Pakistan?

Now that I have acquired a Masters degree I have further decreased my chances of ever getting hitched.

And that’s my fault.

Because the boys in my society feel they don’t need to obtain another degree after their graduation?

I don’t know what’s the issue. As someone in academia, I DO find it hard to find someone eligible because none of my co workers belong to the opposite sex. To convince your parents and your annoying aunt that NO there is NO ONE at work I am interested in because literally there IS no one unless you count my students who are 10 years younger than me, then NO.

SO obviously the men in Pakistan with just a bachelors degree feel threatened marrying someone with MORE education than them. and vice versa. Not that I am threatened if you have a bachelors degree but yes I will not find it attractive. which makes me someone with an ego and “nakhray” but why is that hard to understand?

Not that I am talking privilege but I had to WORK MY ASS OFF to obtain a SCHOLARSHIP for my Masters and I have never been more proud of anything than this so I am sorry if you feel threatened by this accomplishment.


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