Another memory

I installed WordPress app on my phone today because the thoughts of dying have recently started clouding my mind again. Before you start to think “suicide” umm no. Let me assure you that these thoughts are nowhere near this morbidity. 

What is on my mind is just this: dying. Maybe because there has been a death of a young man in my family recently yet again. A distant cousin this time and it brings back all the memories associated with D’s death. I’ll admit d and I barely said two words when we met and I am damn sure he thought about me as much if not more as I thought about him which accounted to nothing. This because he lived miles away on another continent other side of the world and I another. Still it hurt. The pain. To imagine what his parents whom I respect admire and love very much even though we’ve only met twice in our entire lives. 


The purpose of why I downloaded WordPress app on my phone today was because I think it’s time I started jotting down my thoughts somewhere because who knows when my end is near. 

Hating the app though. Wish there was another place I could be writing this. 


Burst my bubble!

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