The Ghost Identity

Last week, exactly 7 days ago, the son of a not so distant relative passed away in a tragic road accident. He was 23 and the only son. He left behind three grieving sisters and two parents and a grandmother, whose life could not get more tragic. The grandmother had a few years back lost her eldest son and her grandson to a road accident as well.

You would think you would be reading such a tragic tale from a Shakespeare or a Dickens novel. But no. This is all true. It happened. If I hadn’t seen it for my own eyes, even I would have found it doubtful. Who could have such a twisted life? What is God up to?

Image of the deceased and his ill-fated car were soon shared on Facebook, instagram and whatsapp.

It was there we who didnt know the boy so well, found out more about him.

It never really hit me as it hit me now. How ALL he left behind were a few happy posts about the times he spent with his family.

His last post reads:


Did he know? Of course not. Who does?! But my God.

I cannot imagine nor ever want to imagine how his parents and siblings must be feeling. Can’t. For them, all he’s left are his selfies and quotes of wisdom. Is that all we are supposed to be remembered by now? I mean what does one expect to have achieved at 22? In this era, a fan following and a social media presence is to be.

Is that all there is to life now?


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