I need to write letters to you.

Has it ever happened to you when you have a million things going in your head and when you decide to pen them all down just so you can deal them one by one later and it gets hard to contain them all inside and the moment you start to write, it all goes away.

I hate February.

I hate the fact that my mind can go back to all the Febuarys of the past but will not remember yesterday. I liked yesterday. I do not like them all from the past.

On your birthday I was at the top of the world. literally. in the skies, I forgot. In the skies, it all felt irrelevant, as it should every day. I had to touch the sky to realize, things I do, dreams that await me, and for the first time in years, I forgot about it all.

I was me, there, floating and I forgot to miss you.

And it made me realize, I can do it, every day. Float in the air, and forget you. I can touch the sky. I can also forward if I can move at rocket speed to reach the skies.

I can.




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