Moving Differently

So I just finished reading this cheesy as hell YA novel all because I was yet again fooled by the NYT best seller’s list. I recently read a porno by mistake because that too was on NYT best sellers list and after that vowed never to trust that site.

Anyway so while the YA novel did nothing for me except really waste my time I did find a paragraph it in that was quite intriguing. It made you rethink the concept about ‘moving on’ and try looking at it as ‘moving differently’.

As I read it I realized, it is honestly true. You never really move on but you do, and that is what moving differently means. I know I am rambling like a sappy teenager but think about it. I was always told to ‘move on’ but finally found the right answer to how?! with this one tiny paragraph. Mysterious ways how we find answers to our questions that we never really asked anyone.



Burst my bubble!

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