The Night Of: Reluctant Fundamentalist Goes to Prison

I have had ample time on my hands to watch TV the past couple of months but it was not nearly enough to convince me to write a blogpost about it.

Just a week ago the streaming site I use started promoting The Night Of and hungry for more TV series as I am, I dived right in.

The plot is sure to grip anyone’s attention and I am not saying this because I became hooked right from the start but because the producers mean to sell it and sell it well.

It’s the story you hear/read/watch that make headlines globally: A Pakistani-American Muslim accused of a brutal murder. Told you. I am sure by now you are checking if you can squeeze this series in your daily Netflix routine.

Anyway, my point was not to sell the series it was actually on the contrary to pinpoint certain flaws that I have so astutely noticed (even though now my dying HP laptop shows videos in green hues).

So here’s my list of where the producers have gotten it wrong.. and very very wrong in showing you how Pakistanis/Muslims act. I mean the series have been in production since 2014 and in this day and age honestly getting your stereotyped Pakistani-American-Muslim shouldn’t be that hard to get.

  1. The main characters is a Pakistani American Muslim called Nasir “Naz” Khan. Jani, if you ONLY knew how wrong that is, you’d never have thought of that ridiculous nickname. Naz here is a Muslim name, yes but we don’t call Naz anyone!! Naz, a very very very very 100 percent certified female  name is one that even females dont keep in Pakistan anymore!! My God the child is a walking punchbag and not just for bullies but for his own family members. In case you wish to know where Naz is acceptable form of noun in South Asian society, watch this.
  2. When combing through Naz’s taxi, detectives find pictures of “Hazrat Ali (RA)” one of the Imams of Islam. Explaining to the officers, the detective mentions that a part of Muslim community consider Hazrat Ali (RA) is the rightful successor of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that has lead to rift between Shia and Sunni Muslims. HA! if only it were that simple. Also Hazrat Imam Hassan(RA) and Hussain(RA) are considered rightful heirs of SAW through his daughter Hazrat Fatima(RA). But you know, why would you waste precious minutes googling this simple and very easy to find information.
  3. When Naz is telling his parents about his alleged involvement with the victim he tells about his sexual encounter with her so easily that I had to rewind to see the parents reaction. Dude, I get you were trying to paint the parents as very very liberal but if they were so why did Naz “steal” his father’s cab. You got that part right, but honestly you missed out on cashing on a very deep stereotype: Pakistani parents nee Pakistani moms are anything but chill!

Apart from that they have honestly tried making it more about Naz’s lawyers eczema and it seems they are trying to prolong the series because of it.


2 thoughts on “The Night Of: Reluctant Fundamentalist Goes to Prison

  1. Thanks for the review. There’s another series I can skip over. From what I’ve seen in the news about Pakistan, the culture is very different from ours. So that difference can provide a lot of material for good writers, without having to rely on stereotypes. I’d love to see a show with an authenticate portrayal of your country.

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    1. if you want to watch a series with authentic portrayal, i would suggest south asian dramas. but you need to find ones with subtitles though.
      That said The Night Of isn’t that bad.. unless you are a Pakistani getting offended by the stereotypes being played. 🙂

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