Sadness is an emotion which unfortunately all of us are familiar with.

And if we were asked to to define this emotion, I am sure there are plenty of analogies that we will all come p with.

But let’s suppose you had to explain this emotion to someone who had never experienced it.

What would you tell them?

What is sadness?

If you asked me I would tell you, imagine you received the happiest news ever. Something that you had been wanting for a while, something that you had been striving for a while, something that has been the cause of many sleepless nights, and finally it was yours.

Now imagine running to that one person who matters to the most to you to share this joyful moment and finding out that they are not there anymore.

And they wont be there. Ever.

And you wont be able to share this moment of bliss, this moment of euphoria with that one person you had dreamed you would be spending it with.

And right here, in this moment when you thought you had achieved it all, when you thought you have it all, you find that crack.

Your heart can never be fully mended.

And that’s sadness.

Something that can creep up even at the time when you thought nothing can go wrong.

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