I took an advice from a stranger and it might be the sanest one I have ever gotten

Talking to strangers is not advisable. I am strictly against it. Especially when it is over the internet when you’re not even sure there’s a human being at the other end of the line.

But somehow yesterday I interacted with a kind soul. I would call this person kind soul because they lend a kind ear or rather an eye to my problems without judging me, or laughing at me, or ignoring me.

They listened. They understood.

And it was strange because I felt liberated of everything I have been wanting to say for the past 7 years. I said it, and I got a sane response in return.

Strange how fate works.

It also made me question how I was able to open to a complete stranger, not knowing whether it’s a he or a she, whether they’re 7 or 70 but not those whom I actually know. Not those whom have actually vowed in a way to be there for me when I needed them the most.

Anyway, this isn’t a rant but something strange that happened that I thought I’d pen down. So want to leave on a happy note.

Strange things happen and very rarely they put a smile on your face.



5 thoughts on “I took an advice from a stranger and it might be the sanest one I have ever gotten

  1. I’ve traveled a lot. People talk to me in airports and bus stations. I usually just listen. And then sometimes they give me a big smile and say, “thanks, that felt good” and walk away. And I didn’t do anything but listen! No names exchanged, nothing. I think talking to strangers is sometimes safer, especially at a way station, like a bus stop. When they walk away, they don’t have to worry that they’ll ever see me again. I’m not Catholic, but I think it has some of the catharsis of confessional. And stories humanize us. They make us real. I have to say, I’m all for talking to strangers, within reason. Sometimes, like in your post, it does work out.

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