Anonymity: Blessing or Curse?

WordPress just congratulated me on completing four years of anonymous blogging.


Okay I added that last bit. I have been running (not so often shamefully) this blog anonymously for for years now. And it made me think, had I been writing as myself should I have continued or wrote stuff that I have written?


I don’t think so. Being anonymous has somewhat given me a stronger voice probably because most people in my environment are not yet used to hearing from the real me. I am not saying I live in a repressive society but I believe people would hear be better with a cloak over my face.

Batman told Robin to wear a mask in Batman Rises. He said it’s not to hide his face, but to protect the people you love and care for.

I think I understand him now. Writing under a pseudonym has given me the power even to stand against my family, criticize them as someone not related to them, all the while not hurting them because I have a feeling if they heard those things from my mouth, it would cause them pain.

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So what do you think?

Has being anonymous given you a powerful voice or do you believe it’s a cowards act?

One thought on “Anonymity: Blessing or Curse?

  1. I think it’s a bit of both, because the Internet’s anonymity also allows people to steal (stories, music etc), to hurt others and I get the impression that some even post without re-reading or even without thinking about what they’ve written.
    As for me, I try to be as honest and as true to myself as I can be, but the anonymity doesn’t make me more bold or daring or the like.

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