It’s easier to let go than wait for the inevitable pain

A friend from about 10 years ago called to tell me of some news today.

I refused to listen to what it was . We were on rocky terms since the past two and a half years. And last year I gave up.

Why invest in a relationship that has only been a cause of pain and nothing else?

Why go down that road again knowing fine well they only need to hurt you a little more?

I’ve known her since my teenage years. I know how she works. People change yes, but they never lose their true self.

She was always selfish, always trying to show how she’s the best of them all.

I was her best friend, I encouraged it.

But now as adults how much more can you take of that attitude? of them taking you for granted.

I guess sometimes you give up, raise your hands, surrender and choose happiness, choose to leave them even at that little cost of companionship

Because NONE OF it at the end of the day is worth all that pain.


One thought on “It’s easier to let go than wait for the inevitable pain

  1. I agree with you completely. I have said many times that “friends” that drain your emotion and energy are really not worth dragging around. Eventually we all realize this, but only a few take action and cut the ties.

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