After watching “Tigers”, I am BOYCOTTING Nestle!


Helping build a peaceful world, one baby at a time...

This man and his family are my heroes!20150421_204420

His name is Syed Aamir Raza and he used to be a Nestle formula salesman in Pakistan. It was a very good job and he made good money. Then he found out that by getting doctors to tell their mothers that formula was better than breastmilk that mothers in rural areas were mixing the formula with dirty water and the parasites in the formula were causing severe diarrhea and killing the infants or the mothers would not be able to afford the formula and would dilute it to the point that the infants were not receiving any nourishment. He immediately stopped selling it and wrote to W.H.O. and Nestle to ask them to start marketing the formula to Pakistan without warning families of the danger. In return, he got threatened, ran out of his country, separated from his family for 7…

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