How Pakistanis’ internet rights are at stake, and what you can do to reclaim them

Usama Khilji

CensorshipYou thought the YouTube ban was bad? The Government of Pakistan under the proposed Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 is giving itself sweeping powers to remove or block ANY content it deems unfit. As Pakistani citizens, we must resist this move to protect our right to use the internet freely as means of expressing ourselves. [I have quoted Section 34 at the end of the post. This is just one of many problematic clauses of the proposed bill]

For example, here are some of the pretexts under which the Government could remove “issue directions for removal or blocking of access of any intelligence though any information system”:

  1. Glory of Islam:

This could be used as a pretext to remove any content. Which sect? Are the beliefs of one sect of Islam going to take precedence over another’s?

  1. Integrity, security or defence of Pakistan:

Any criticism of the Army could…

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