Forgotten Friendships

Once long ago my best friend told me that some people create false memories so that they can forget the real ones. At that time I thought, how awful must someone’s life be that they wish to create false memories to take over the real ones. Years later I can identify. I didnt create false memories to forget this particular friend. I did however made new memories, fresh, real.

These memories helped take over those in the past, because however amazing the time I spent with this friend in the past, it caused me pain. How weird no?

How can good times cause you pain?

What I have learned is don’t let the past haunt you.

Don’t stop moving.

Don’t try to get the past back.

Don’t let them think they were the best thing that happened to you, because life is full of surprises. You don’t know who you might meet, that would actually would give you the greatest memories of your life, ones that are everlasting, ones that you will never ever want to forget. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Friendships

  1. Welcome to my blog!
    I guess you have had a bad time somehow in the past, or maybe I am wrong.
    Anyway, I always look forward and I never look back with hate, so…
    If you cannot look back with love, don’t look back in any way.
    Keep it going!
    Best regards.


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