Calliope's Lyre


No, it’s not that cursed
Four letter word
I refuse to use it
The first choice of dimwits
And artists everywhere
Overused and tired and
Stripped bare from
Too much analysis poured into
An emotion

So no, it’s not that
It’s not ‘just’ that
It’s a galaxy
Like trying to contain the Universe
In a pot of tea
Or get a volcano to erupt
Inside a fridge
A ridiculous, fruitless effort
Is what it is

Some day though
When they make a word
That sums up all the sounds
In the world
All the fragrances on your skin and
All the gleams in your eye
All the meanings and tastes and
Textures and adventures
I find in your valleys and highs
When they find a word
To do all of it
I’ll do it
I’ll tell you

I *fill-in-the-blank* you


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