Heartbreak and Pakistan


I Am Agha

I watched this brief documentary two days ago. This boy, Agha. A child of the streets, wanders around the ancient city of Lahore. Even though, I have seen so many nameless children in the streets of Pakistan having the misfortune of being born to a existence of above average hardship, I Am Agha introduces me to a name to countless faces. These kids are living heartbreaks of Pakistan.  The sky is his roof and the streets his mother. Poverty has never been so tangible before. Agha is an invisible human, asking or  hunting for paper in exchange for some naan.


Agha’s words hurt. He dreams for the chance to trade his trash bag for a school bag. He expresses his anger. The anger of mere chance of being born to a dirt poor existence. “What is there to like about this life?”, Agha asks. He says this life, not 

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