I lost my inspiration

I loved writing. If there is one thing that always provided me solace, it was words. and a lot of them. I found comfort in them, I found hope in them.. I felt inspired by them. And now I have lost all of that.

I was telling a friend the other day that pain is the only inspiration that you require.. but I never realized how losing inspiration would be more painful.. and not at all inspiring..

so I can easily conclude that not all kinds of pain and suffering are inspirational..


40 thoughts on “I lost my inspiration

  1. Sometimes it’s better to utilize the lack of inspiration to gage other interests that you might have.. Sometimes even a song that you can relate to can come in handy.. Give it a shot..


    1. Used to write songs. actually began with it.. but they’re all lost .. i read them now and think was that really me?

      more importantly what was inspiring me to write at all?

      Can’t pen a single word now.. without judging myself.


        1. Nature, woods, camping
          No wireless connections, perhaps a monochrome phone and a laptop but no smartphones I.e you can write in the comfort of the beautiful starry night but no communicating in terms of social networking or anything like that


        2. yeah i left all modes of reaching out to people long time ago.. or rather for people to reach out to me…

          i have just this blog and this other one …

          not a fan of nature at all…

          though am planning a trip, an escape. the only problem i can’t go alone. still.something is better than nothing


        3. My case is slightly different.. I “have” to keep a fb account for appearances as it were.. Otherwise I’d have a whole crew of people calling me asking if I’m alive or dead (either of which would not make even an iota of difference to them).


        4. Depends on the industry that you work in. In my kind of work I have to interact with people on a semi personal as well as an official capacity in order to insure maximum output to the company


    2. I agree with… you haven’t lost anything. You’ve gained entry into another door. One that’s waiting for you. It might be unclear of what that is, but I’m sure it’s right in front of you or approaching. I do believe we lose words, mainly when we lack experiences (adventure, excitement, spontaneity and love). Words always find themselves back to you. 🙂

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  2. My recent loss of inspiration prompted me to consider National Novel Writing Month. I thought it might quiet my inner critic. I checked out the website, linked through to a local words and music festival. I found out about free talks from the director of Divergent and the author, Neil Gaiman. Going to hear them reconnected me to thinking about the creative process and writing for the love of writing. I also posted on my neglected blog. That also prompted connections with other writers, like you!. I don’t think I’m expressing this very well (my inner critic again), but I needed to redefine success. Sometimes it takes pushing past that loss of inspiration, writing something, reconnecting with other writers. It’s surprising and inspiring to see what is set in motion. I hope this helps.

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