Why I Will Still Cheer for Afridi

So yet again, since we had nothing else to talk about, let’s discreetly spread a video in aims to create hype; get 1000s of RTs and shares and likes and who cares if in this classic gimmick someone gets abused by the majority.

I, a female, a staunch supporter of Female Rights, and a cricket fanatic stand by Shahid Afridi.
His personal opinion about women’s cricket team or hell all women is HIS personal opinion. Why should I be bothered about it when he’s got no right to keep a check and balance of how I spend my life or what I do.

Aren’t you all being bigots?
It’s that ‘blasphemous’ YouTube video all over again. Man, if it offends you so much. Change the channel.

What’s funny is all the hate that is towards him is coming from all those who are all big proponents of free speech.

Since when was Afridi’s word the ultimate word?
When did he really become that much of role model??
Honestly, if people considered HIM a role model, it’s their problem. Not his. Why did you put him up there on that pedestal in the first place?
What really do you know about the man? Personally?

Honestly, you are worried just because people look up to him so he should ONLY utter what they believe is right and nothing else?
SERIOUSLY? How many of these people really follow the Sunnah to make you think they’d follow a cricketer?


Stop being a bigot. Let the man talk (rubbish or otherwise). You are NOBODY to tell him if he’s right or wrong just as HE is NOBODY to tell you or enforce his opinion on you.


Try to find why that video was leaked now. I think the real culprit is the one who brought this video NOW. Why keep it hidden all this while.. why didn’t people pay attention to this before…
I mean come on, timing is toooooooo perfect.


Also a certain lady has posted an article on how she won’t be supporting Afridi anymore and I quote her here to tell her how narrow minded she is being similar to the person she is accusing of  narrow mindedness.

I quote you madam “They (women) are a part of this society and have fathers and brothers, who provide the support system for them to do exactly what they want to do. More so, they have courage.”

Wow, didn’t think twice before making that generalization, did you?

I am a woman, part of this society, do not have a father or brother who are providing me a support system and guess what I DID NOT NEED ONE. Why?

Because I am a WOMAN. I wasn’t born weak. I wasn’t born dependent.

Miss you should also really think before writing on public forums.

The day you stop degrading women in your speech would be the day you can point your finger at him. and he never said anything degrading. What’s wrong with cooking ANYWAY??! OMG. Don’t tell me you haven’t laughed at the ‘sandwich’ joke when your guy friends cracked it. Or tell me you slapped them? Did you?

When you could allow that, I think you should give Afridi a break too. He isn’t even family. or your chuddy buddy.

Afridi DOES NOT represent us all individually. Period. Are you insane?

Yes, he plays for our National Cricket Team but honestly. do you think they are judged upon how close they are to being the perfect and model Pakistani? Which apparently could have 16 crore different definitions. Really, woman! Is that how they are hired? These people don’t almost never get proper CRICKET training, you think they’d be given a PR Manager? Most of them are uneducated and you are assuming your role model would always speak eloquently??

What is he, a cricketer or a TED Speaker???!

Speak for yourself miss, he was NEVER my role model!

I was always his FAN. STILL AM. AND WILL BE. But he was NEVER my role model.

Burst my bubble!

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