Journey to the 30th!

So I am giving my GRE on the 30th of April this year. And since I have absolutely no clue how I am going to prep for it, (working full time), I thought it’s better to share the ‘journey to the 30th’ with you all.

It kind of feels like being accountable to someone. Maybe this would make me pace up my preparations which are at the moment going at a snail speed.

Please do leave out any piece of advice, strategy that you may have for me or for anyone who might stumble upon here looking for help.

I have decided to number my posts to the days I have been studying. It’ll be easier for you and me both to review my progress.

Resources I have:

1. Barron’s 1100 Essential Words You Need to Know
2. The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test
3. MG Prep Manhattan GMAT Set of 8 Strategy Guides, 4th Edition
4. The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th Edition

Online Resources:
1. NewYorker
2. NewYork Times
3. Harvard Business Review
4. Wall Street Journal

So the presence of GMAT resources would seem confusing to you. But here me out. My friend took the GRE in November 2012, studied with the same resources PLUS subscribed to Magoosh and was able to score a score that can put him through any Ivy League in an heartbeat.
He had a 162 in Quant and 166 in Verbal and 4.5 in Analytical. Pretty impressive, right?

Well since I can’t afford Magoosh, I am making use of the resources (free) that are available to me.
That are:
1. Magoosh GRE E-book
2. Magoosh Math Formula
3. Magoosh Vocab E-book
4. Magoosh Vocab Flashcard E-book

Anyone having trouble finding any of the resources above, please leave a comment below with your email address and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

(Need all the prayers I can get for this!)


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