The “Wh” Questions

I have always hated descriptive writing. Like always. I remember the day my English teacher taught us the “WH” questions.

Questions you need to ask while writing descriptive. Bleh. Questions. Although I ask them a lot, but I guess I always ask the wrong ones.


Been meaning to write this blog for a while, and each time delayed it. Finally got time coz light’s about to go in precisely 9 minutes. Yes, if there is one thing Pakistan has been taught in these 5 years is “PUNCTUALITY”. Light goes at an exact hour, not a minute less and not a minute more. So I should hurry up and vent out what I was here to do.

Which brings me back to the WH questions. So I was thinking WHere to start, WHAT to write and that’s WHen I was reminded of the WH questions. So they are basically five set of questions that you need to ask.



I don’t know what it is. It’s on my mind. Everyday. About every hour or so or more often. I have never taken notes as to how often but it’s  there.


Since when would be more appropriate–lost track of when too. It’s happened so many times, that keeping track of time was last of my worries.


Everywhere. Not a single place I can maybe alienate where it’s not present.


Still figuring out.


Ah. A lot of reasons. Me. My stupidity. My selfishness. My memory.


I have always wondered why HOW fits into the WH questions, but since it does, I should answer. How?

Seriously. How? That’s where it all boils down to. HOW?!

Burst my bubble!

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