Should I Get Back on Facebook?

It is going to be one year this Thursday on my job. Yay.

And 3 years in May that I have left Facebook. Yay?

A few days back I had a heart to heart talk with my boss about my future in the company. He, very candidly, asked me to join Facebook, because he couldn’t understand why I didn’t want a piece of limelight that Facebook would provide a person like me.

I beg to differ. I have a desk job: I am not the person of the “field”. I do not need to show off on a forum to my peers. OR DO I?

He told me, I am my own brand and for that I need to network with others so as to show them how useful I can be to others as well. He called Facebook the most powerful tool right now to network, connect and stalk. Yep. That last bit came as a shock to me. But like I said, he was being candid with me.

I told him I have a LinkedIn profile and he shrugged and said that’s absolutely nothing. Even creating a professional network, I need to get back on Facebook.

But I don’t know. Would Facebook really give me what I need? A platform to connect with others? Isn’t LinkedIn much better? Much less hassle? With much less baby and wedding photos?



2 thoughts on “Should I Get Back on Facebook?

  1. I think only you can answer whether Facebook is worth the effort, and I think it depends on the reason for establishing a page. It doesn’t have to be about baby and wedding photos. It can simply be a way to connect with other professionals.


    1. I know Gwen. But I don’t get it. Everyones way more active on Facebook than they are on LinkedIn … and I actually though professional networking could be done via LinkedIn.. but it is also true that you need to draw a line between professionalism and being personal. And on facebook it is nearly impossible.


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