Does Friendship Have An Expiration Date?

I was talking to this long lost friend few days back and she told me how her best friend of more than 10 years is getting married. The best friend whom she had recently started to have stronger feelings for. She was expecting to settle down with him considering they’ve been friends for such a long time. Ouch. I get the fact that the guy chose another girl over his best friend because maybe they were meant to be just best friends. But what I don’t get is why end the friendship?

Why stay with each other till they didn’t have any full time commitment? Is that when friendship ends? When it is not convenient to be friends with each other? If that is so then i clearly did not get this memo and maybe can relate now why friends left and friendships failed for me.

Is convenience what makes you stick to someone? Maybe yes. I mean research shows how consumers prefer a product when its convenient for them to buy it. So why can’t the same theory be applied to picking and choosing friends?

Are friends luxury goods now? Few can afford to keep them with certain conditions and that too of convenience and when it becomes a hassle, they are thrown out the door?

I guess then they really aren’t your friends. Just time pass maybe. Or products you try till you meet your preferred brand that you use over any other come what may.

Isn’t that sad? Should you stop making friends so as to not get hurt. I mean come on. Ten years. That’s gotta mean something. Even if it was just a few months, why is it easy for some people to let go and move on. Does friendship have a price?

Burst my bubble!

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