How to tell someone you don’t love them….. anymore.

Block them on every social media forum you use. As simple as that. They are sure to get the picture.

But okay, on a serious note. How do you tell them? The spark’s gone and your phone lines dead for them, and so are you.

You did love them at one point, or did you not?

Lets say you did, how do you justify not loving them now?

HOW? Isn’t love like the extreme of emotions? How can you go from ‘OMG. I can’t wait to see you!’ to ‘Ugh. Not you again?’


But maybe the love’s there. You really can’t wait to see them again, but it’s not going to be the same anymore. You’re making adjustments, and they have no room in your life anymore. Because let’s face it, they are not the same person they once were, and neither are you. Which is why ‘the love’ has taken a back seat, or rather just dozed off there like a Polar bear. Let it sleep. It’s better asleep than awake anyway.

So coming back to how to tell them they’re not loved?

Umm A) you can like not tell them you love them in the first place. DYING to proclaim it? Die, but don’t proclaim it. Because it’s going to kill you later anyways when you have to retract your earlier stroke of stupid-ness.

B) if you did act on that whim of asshole-ish-ness and proclaimed it, and are now regretting it, DIE.

Seriously, do. Because there is nobody more horrible than you. How could you do it? Knowing pretty well what you were getting into.

On a serious note. Talk it out. But never leave them without a reason. There’s always something holding you back from loving them anymore; don’t be a douche.

Remember you loved them at some point.

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