My Self Blog Challenge: Day 1

Okay, so I plan a lot. I guess everyone does.

I have been meaning to do something intelligent for a while, and I just couldn’t take the time out: Like for instance, I have a dream to help educate Pakistan but then I learned the hard way. In a country like mine, the water travels to the thirsty, and not the other way round.

But I am not looking for teaching jobs in Pakistan, because I, for one, extremely am averse to teaching at school. However, what I have been brilliant at all these years is tutoring and mentoring. Confusing, eh?

Well to put it simply, I give killer crashers. Crashers being those notes you cram in the last minute of the exam that eventually help you ace the exam. So all those people looking for jobs in Pakistan, great news for you.

Since I need to get active in pursuing my dream and none shall help me except me; I give you my undivided attention as to how to earn staying at home. It’s pretty simple if you ask me. If you are learning to earn for a while, and actually spend loads of time online (without reaping anything beneficial) this blog post is for you!


Pay close attention to my words and the ones that shall be coming daily for you. Need help landing yourself a freelance job or maybe learning how to blog, just buzz me below!


Burst my bubble!

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