Manners: Your Not-So-Fucked-Up Conscience

The other day, a colleague and I were discussing about Muharram, and the discussion turned to people who fast.
While I have nothing against people who choose not to fast in Ramadan, but I do have extreme dislike for those who do not fast and eat/drink in front of those who are.

Respect, people, where have you lost it?

And then you raise a stupid question
“so yeah, it’s not our problem if they are fasting, and we choose not to, it’s not like we asked them to”
“i don’t see any problem; it’s about their faith, if they cannot control their emotions and feelings they should lock themselves till they can break their fast”
and even..
“if you have such an issue watching me eat, please avert your gaze”

Umm, imagine your mother’s funeral. And one of your friends starts to laugh uncontrollably and starts to share jokes or starts to play games, or puts on loud music and starts dancing on it, or gets drunk, or does all mentioned.
What would you do?
Kick her out right, or ask someone to escort her? Ask her to show a little respect and manners and take her eccentricities away from such a somber occasion.

Well, this is how you look when you eat in front of a person who is fasting.

It’s about manners; not your opinions, or feelings.

You are actually hurting someone, and while no part of religion says you are barred from eating in public, but it’s actually common sense.
No rule or law disallows you to dance naked at a funeral too.

Show a little respect.


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