It’s Time.

My 25 year old cousin, my bother passed away two days ago in an accident. He died instantly.

He had left home with a friend to practice for the upcoming triathlon. He didn’t know he was never going to come back to his house ever again. But then none of us do. Do we ever think about it before leaving the house?

His death has left us all shattered. 25 year old, young, entire life ahead of him, no ailment, no worries, gone.

He’s gone but he leaves behind people who might never come out of the despair of his absence.

It made me wonder, what if it had been me? And the query that formulated in my mind was not of what would happen to me-but of what would happen to others after I am gone. My brother is gone, his term here has ended, there is absolutely no way we can reverse time, and bring him back so he can live his life. He can’t- He’s gone.

But certain things remain. Everyday we see hundreds of people leaving sweet messages on his Facebook wall. He was loved. And one can see how his life is all mapped out there-till the very end.

He left memories, he left experiences he shared with hundred others. They are all here, hearty-alive-ever present.

If it was me instead of him, what was I leaving behind?

It’s time I took this as a test. I don’t want to leave anyone hurt, worried, miserable, forgotten, unloved. For that’s all those things I am unwillingly going to leave behind with my death. Why make them feel like this while I am alive.

RIP, my brother. You will remain forever in our hearts and prayers.

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