What the Fuck is Wrong With Media?

So much bukwas (bull shit) online. Just like people reading this would be thinking about this post.

There was a time where statements were backed by AUTHENTIC references and people reading anything DEMANDED references.

But what the fuck is wrong with people? I for believe it should be included as basic Human Right to provide proper, documented, tried and tested references if you are writing/saying a piece to educate the masses.

When newspapers for one post such bull shit, it really makes me tick. There’s a thing called JOURNALISM. and then there’s blatant selling/profit making. How long would do you aim to keep proposing far fetched theories in aims of getting higher ratings?

But then I can’t just blame the media, hello where is  COMMON SENSE?

And then there’s bigotry at it’s peak. You cannot absolutely take a side just because YOU think it’s right. Understood we are following the commonly known principal of relativity. But still, relativity aside, bigotry is a curse.  And when you have a HUGE following, you cannot brainwash them just to make money or because YOU feel it is RIGHT.

That’s not freedom of speech, you just limited it actually. NOR it is journalism.

ARGH. Education. In a nation like Pakistan, that’s a hell of an issue, because for one, we’re followers, not leaders.


That’s bigotry !

LEARN to RESEARCH and THEN accept it and THEN follow it IF it turns out to be AUTHENTIC.

The fuck, what is wrong with you all? You are the educated masses considering you can read, write AND research.


P.S. The song’s fab, btw.

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