Catching Time.

PMS is evil. It makes you visit those memories that you had tried forgetting and would give anything in the world to remove them.

How is a lie justified if in the liar’s opinion it was for your benefit. But in reality it made you miserable, miserable for a very long time; and then out of the blue the liar admits lying and seeks no forgiveness because in their mind they still did a favor to you by lying to you.

How could you lie?

It just means I wasn’t good enough to take in the truth, you didn’t trust me at all with the truth at all or why keep me in the dark. IF you really cared, and was genuinely concerned for my benefit, why not speak the truth?

I missed out the best years of my life because I couldn’t get my head around the reality or rather the lie you had told me.

I trusted you, I believed you. Why was it hard for you?


Why are you still here if you are scared of me?

Why tell the truth now?



Burst my bubble!

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