Recognize, Stand Up and Report.

Domestic Violence: A Global Crisis

5 thoughts on “Recognize, Stand Up and Report.

  1. interesting to see the low rate of domestic violence against women in Japan compared to other regions of the world

    I wonder if that low rate is because Japanese culture teaches men to regard women more highly or is the level of violence similar to that in other parts of the world but Japanese women are less likely to report it – thus giving a false picture?


    1. They haven’t reported domestic violence cases in Pakistan or in India either which leads me to believe your proposed theory: nobody reports there. Rape in marriage is NOT considered rape, it is considered the right of husband to use, abuse and misuse his wife anyway he likes.


  2. women are regarded highly in Japan?? I have an impression that woman always take the place behind their man…. women sometimes do not report it in Philippines also because they don’t want to bring shame to their family… I believe that you are just encouraging the bully in this case..


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