For Pocketwatch Kid….

Made me bawl like a baby. 😦

2 thoughts on “For Pocketwatch Kid….

  1. OK. I had to look this one up on Google, but I assume that Fred curled up his toes in one of the later books.

    I used to like Potter, after buying The Philosopher’s Stone for my son who was about 11 at the time. Unfortunately, I got fed up with the padding that JK insisted in inserting into the books starting at book4 (I forget the name – it was that good), and so lost interest.

    I managed 5 books and 4 films… I think.

    Fred and George were diabolically acted in the films, which was a shame because they were good, vivid characters in the books.

    All in all, I’ll stick to Pratchett.


    1. Well I can relate to Fred and George coz I have a twin myself… so. this made me super sad 😦

      You’re right-they were amazing in books– everyone was. And Rowling started droning in Book Five. With every chapter I had to remind myself this will end… just two more.. but thank God book 6 and 7 were uhmazing.. made up for the crappy book 5!

      Will read Pratchett if I get time– I had to Google him too! ;p


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