How would YOU feel?

So you’re best friends with someone really great for quite a long while.

and this one day, you ‘unintentionally’ mention something (that’s quite lame) but it was something you vowed you never will.

It pisses them off and this is what they say to you in return:

  • I’ve always pitied you because you’ve been so weird
  • The only reason I’ve been friends with you is because I pitied you
  • You embarrass me, you have embarrassed me and I am constantly in fear that you will in future too with your ‘weirdness’
  • I talk to you only because I worry for you, and I come back to check if you are fine
  • And oh yeah you’re a nice person, so I like doing this charity for you

You’ll throw acid on their face right? Because that’s how I felt!


7 thoughts on “How would YOU feel?

    1. You’re so right.. but this was pretty lame. and I thought the friend would ignore it but instead my friend chose to dig out every difference they had with me ever since we met. which was quite surprising to know..


      1. Not at all, one of them is the type of person that causes and stirs trouble then walks away leaving everyone else to fight it out, then comes all nicey-nicey to worm her way back in and if that doesn’t work turns the tears on. The other one caused a row between me and a friend I had known for years, after she started going out with him. Life is so much happier and less complelcated without them in our life.


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