The Hunger Games, Anyone?

So yes, my best friend and I have decided to finally read the Hunger Games instead of watching it. WHY?

Initially when he had found out the cost of the hardcover for the Hunger Games books, he had decided we’d make do with the movie that’s going to cost us way way way less and plus we could get nachos too.

But now, thanks to his Google-ing (yes, it’s a word-google it!) abilities, we’ve found the e-versions of the book.


Anyone interested in a free copy, here you go. And yes,  YOU ARE WELCOME.

The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay-Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins

Disclaimer: Suzanne Collins, or her publishers reading this: we found these links on Google. If you’d like to sue anyone for giving out these free copies, it should be Google-not us.

11 thoughts on “The Hunger Games, Anyone?

    1. I know, we should. I am that person that adores reading. but this time, we were just curious about the hype, so thought to give the movie a try first. But now that I’ve got my free copies, I am off to reading them first! 🙂


  1. There was a report on TV here last week about the flim, someone said it wasn’t appropriate for children even though the books where. I have never heard of it, is it a kids book, I suppose I should say young adults book.


    1. dude if they can make kids watch that horrible twilight but not hunger games, I’d say the system is flawed. Seriously. Twilight is way gruesome but it has no parental restrictions.. neither on the books nor on the movie.


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