Where Dreams Collide

Remember that time when you hear the happiest news .. it’s been a while and you’ve been anxiously waiting for that very moment.. that you feel you’ve finally achieved it… you’re over the moon.. and nothing can go wrong with this joyful moment..

You rush to spread the word out and to tell it to that one special person whom you are ABSOLUTELY sure would be as happy as you are.. probably more… and this is where reality crashes in.

And tears come back.

The person isn’t there anymore. Haven’t been there for a VERY LONG TIME. Why the fuck were you still thinking about them? Hallucinating? Really?


After all this time? ALWAYS. But then you never really let did go, did you? How do YOU let go? No, wait. Do you even WANT to let go?


5 thoughts on “Where Dreams Collide

    1. True, true. I’ve come to the point where I no longer want to exert myself in trying to ‘forget’ something. You can just can’t, so it’s better to accept it than fool yourself for the rest of your life.


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