The Very Yo! Peshawer: An Addict’s Tale

Yep, yep, I made it to Peshawer, the land of …”beauty”. INDEED.

Finally, I can say proudly I have been to THREE of Pakistan‘s provinces, and might I add, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (formerly known as N.W.FP {formerly known as Khyber}) was the one beyond my expectations!

Anyone planning a road trip, take the Motorway (Bless Mian Saheb for this endeavor, I swear; if there’s one thing I’ll remember him by is the Motorway!) The road is B.E.A.UTIFUL (spell it like Jim Carrey).. Lush greenery all around us, just lovely sight, and to think I am so not a nature-lover …but I had to adore the majestic beauty that surrounded me. God is Great.

It was just a short trip-just to visit the ‘distinguished’ Charsi ka tikka! and true to it’s word it was YUMMY! Another very notable thing: they have ONLY 4 ITEMS IN THEIR MENU. You heard me. FOUR.

Their entire restaurant (which is VERY YO! from the inside) runs on just 4 ITEMS. Chicken tikka, chicken karahi, Mutton tikka, mutton karahi! And it’s so effing cheap. Like Rs. 80/kilo. That’s like less than a dollar for food fit for 5 PEOPLE. And we packed leftovers too! Now that’s business. And oh one ubber sweet thing: they give kheer for FREE *teary eyes* Never have I been served Kheer so delicious …for FREE *sniff*

Anyways, apart from the yum food, the one thing that I noticed in Peshawer-the land that is oh-so-misunderstood- were the billboards. Now I’ve been to A LOT of Paki cities, and never have I ever seen such ‘inspiring’ adverts up on the billboards. Which is odd. For one, Peshawer, known to be the city that is center of (for the want of a better word) radicals, held billboards supporting various cause of women.

Shocked? So was I! I thought I was reading something else. But indeed. I saw many (without any exaggeration) billboards that called out to women who were oppressed, depressed or needed any kind of attention. Posted by the U.N., they actually held messages for WOMEN liberation. YES. ON THE ROADS of one of the most (so-is-considered) feared cities of Pakistan. Amazing. It’s only when you actually go and SEE for yourself can you believe what’s actually happening. And oh one another thing, there was hardly any staring at the jeans wali bachi either. Which is another odd thing. Nobody pointed their Kalashnikov at me, and asked my to ‘cover up!’  or stared at me like they usually do ‘in the oh so very very modernist cities’ of Pakistan. Pukhtunkhwas, you rock!

Moral of the story: When you visit someone’s house, you respect their boundaries, their house-rules, and try to be your super best, because in doing so, you are reflecting your background. You just can’t start jumping on their sofas, or smoking in their bedrooms. Because it’s not YOUR house. You’re a guest. And this is not just what our religion teaches but also that’s morally accepted.

p.s. Oh one another thing: There were no Shahid Afridi posters 😦 Or Umar Gul. 😦 Or Younis Khan.

But the one non-pathan that did made it to a large majority of the billboards was *groan* Nana Rana Naveed. WHY? I can only wonder. Whattay eye-sore, honestly!!!!


15 thoughts on “The Very Yo! Peshawer: An Addict’s Tale

  1. Your blog page is really confusing, however, well, nicely written. Peshawar is a beautiful place though, the people are very hostile and gentle! I’m sure you are in love with their simple delicacies! 😛


    1. my blog page is confusing?? How??? 😦

      Oh no, the people weren’t hostile AT ALL. Didn’t you read? =p
      No taarna, no unnecessary finger-pointing, nothing. VERY civilized. Lahoris, Karachites, and Islamabadis should definitely take note.
      Charsi ka tikka was YUM. and delicacy isn’t simple, fellow blogger, or else it wouldn’t be called a delicacy! 😉


      1. Confusing as in, sab kuch itna merged hai, pata hi nai lagta, well yeah there are too many restrictions! And I guess yeah they have manners still left in them, unlike Karachi and Lahore boys, jahaan mauqa mila, they start acting like bollywood heroes! 😛


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