This happened on TAM airlines.

A 50-something year old white woman arrived at her seat and saw that the passenger next to her was a black man.

Visibly furious, she called the air hostess.

“What’s the problem, mam?” the hostess asked her

“Can’t you see?” the lady said – “I was given a seat next to a black man. I can’t sit here next to him. You have to change my seat”

– “Please, calm down, mam” – said the hostess
“Unfortunately, all the seats are occupied, but I’m still going to check if we have any.”

The hostess left and returned some minutes later.

“Madam, as I told you, there isn’t any empty seat in this class- economy class.
But I spoke to the captain and he confirmed that there isn’t any empty seats in the economy class. We only have seats in the first class.”

And before the…

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  1. some Filipinos could be quite a racist too. making fun of people with black skin and how they need to smile and open their eyes all the time because it’s they only they could be found in the dark..


    1. well that is racist. my best friend has a darker skin tone, doesn’t make her less insignificant than me. In fact she’s achieved way more in her life than all of the “white” friends that I have, combined.
      it’s all in perception. if your parents taught you how everyone is equal, that reflects down on the kids as well.
      racism is everywhere..


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