The Crap That is “Amman ki Asha”

Dear People of Amman Ki Asha,


Whenever I read anything related to “aman ki asha” bs (pardon my language) I keep thinking in my mind. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY KNOW. They sit in their comfortable homes/offices and talk of change, it’s actually us who are the ones as Miss Ilmana Fasih says..silently wail..


I am a Paki born and bred, but my father is an Indian national, living in India along with my grandmother, while I along with my mother live here in Pakistan. Thanks to those preaching “aman ki asha” and doing absolutely nothing, I haven’t seen my grandmother in past 7 years. And I get to “see” my father once every two years. And I say it for all those who are in the similar situation.

Should a misfortune (God forbid) occurs on any side of the border, we can’t do anything about it, because *breaking news* neither my mother nor I know how to sing or dance to be able to obtain a visa on basis of “improving and spreading culture” across border.


When Miss Ilmana Fasih said it’s OK to develop relationships cross border, I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE THIS. My mother’s precious life was wasted on this hope. And as much as it hurts me to say this, it will never come back.


Who am I to blame? Those dearly departed who fixed the marriage between my mother and father  years ago on the same “aman ki asha”?

Or this “aman ki asha” who is just an asha at the end of the day. Which actually consists of signing hankies and musical concerts. WOW BIG STEPS I MUST SAY. woot woot.

My mother like Miss Ilmana Fasih needs a PAT on the back, sadly she gets pity but no permanent residency.

Of course as a friend pointed out, you get hate mails all the time, and it’s OK for you to ignore this one too, and SURELY you are going to say “we’re recently established, non-government funded organization” and I should give you a break.


63 year break couldn’t do anything. Humor me now.


Where Dreams Collide.


Panchee nadiyaan pawan kay jhonkay.. koi sarhad na inhay rokay.

Sarhad insaanoun kay lyein hain..socho tum ney aur maine kia paya insaan ho kay.

{Javed Akhtar}

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