The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

I was having this conversation with my best friend the other day, how (wo)man is NEVER happy.

She’s about to give her CA finals this december, the last of the lot, and what bothers her is how she might not do well. HELLO. YOU PASSED CA INTER IN A SINGLE ATTEMPT. LOOK BACK, REJOICE. Do you have anything to regret??? NO!

Seriously, being ungrateful isn’t going to reap you anything; yes yes, I am not saying you’re not allowed to wish, DO. But if it doesn’t come true, have patience.

Remember those times when something out of the ordinary blew you away, when you never in the wildest dreams expected it to happen.

Why can’t YOU be happy?

Of course by that I am not asking you to live each moment laughing in fits (if you find yourself that way, I am sorry but you should consult a psychiatric)  but be thankful at least.


there. it wasn’t that hard, right?

So why can’t you see everything going around you, and just be thankful for it?

The day we learn to be grateful for the five senses given to us for FREE, maybe then we’ll realize the importance of being thankful with anything and everything.

You, dear reader, are statistically better off than 

  • 115,240 (and still counting) people who died today
  • 22,906 people who died due to hunger today
  • 915,957,330 undernourished people of the world
  • 845,675,270 (and still counting) people who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

and I’ve mentioned only those facts that you might be able to relate with yourself, considering YOU are alive, well, just ate a healthy meal, and yes (some of you) still have access to FREE clean drinking water.


8 thoughts on “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

    1. Exactly, so true. That’s what I am saying. people tend forget they faced problems before, and felt miserable with their lives, then with a twist of fate, God helped them get out of it, when they saw no hope whatsoever. Why can’t we be more appreciative of what life has to offer us?
      we’re sad, ungrateful beings.


  1. It’s sad that we often don’t appreciate the good things and good people in our lives until we lose them !

    We give too much importance to the troubles in our lives and not enough to our blessings


    1. So true. We are always feeling insignificant not knowing that maybe our very own neighbor might be sleeping on a hungry stomach that very night while we are well-fed.
      We need to appreciate and show gratitude for every blessing-little or large..


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