Do I look like I care?

There is this saying in Urdu, that goes something like this..


Makhee bhi nahi reengi uskay gaal per

Translation utterly ruins the essence of it, but I’ll post it here anyways, “Not even a fly passed by his cheek”

Or in more literal sense, it means,

“He was least bothered!”

I never used to understand the meaning when I was kid. Whenever my grandfather used to try catch my attention while I was watching T.V, he exclaimed this for me. I never understood. What fly? Does he want me to spat it .. what?

Why DOES he keep mentioning the fly around me when I don’t see any??

Now I get him. My beloved grandfather, was obviously then irked by my constant infatuation with watching television which made me lose concentration of what was happening around me.

NOW I get him, you ask?

Yes, being in somewhat of the same situation, I fully understand his annoyance with me and my lack of being too bothered about my surroundings.

Ah, good times. Will talk about those later. I have a point to make here, and I am just coming to it.

So so so, there is a downside to working for people who,  if explained in more easy terms, are long distance. Time issues, coupled with cultural disparities, and more recently I found another- NO EMPATHY TOWARDS CRICKET!!

*shoots herself*



That news alone is enough for everyone to leave whatever their doing and concentrate SOLELY on the match he is playing.


and man is he back with a BANG!!!

Last night performance alone speaks, mashAllah, how READY he is. WHATTAY A PLAY.

He injured himself real bad, came back, and gave the Srilankans a run. LITERALLY.

The guy just doesn’t believe in quitting, mashAllah. and man he proved his devotion towards cricket so well. KUDOS TO YOU BROTHER, YOU MAKE US PROUD!!!!

So anyways, what has this got to do with having foreign bosses.

Just like you, fellow foreign readers didn’t a get a word of what I was blabbering about above, they didn’t either.

Makhee bhi nahi reengi hogi tum logoun kay gaal per

Ah, story of my life. Who would accept this a valid explanation of ditching work?

No one.


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